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In our offer:
  • Precision carbide micro-tools: End Mills, Drill Bits, Engraving Tools, Tapered End Mills
  • Carbide tools for metals: End Mills for Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Cast Iron, Graphite
  • Accessories & equipment for CNC routers and ploters: Collets, Nuts & Toolholders
  • Machines, equipment & supplies for PCB: Laminators, Photoresist & Soldermask, End Mills
Solid Carbide Tools
Precision solid carbide micro-tools for CNC ploters:
  • Standard End Mills, Spiral End Mills, Tapered End Mills, Down-Cut End Mills
  • End Mills for Wood, End Mills for Plastic, End Mills for Aluminium & DiBond
  • Micro Drill Bits, Diamond Cut & Chip Breaker Router Bits, Engraving Tools
Full line of carbide bits for branches as below:
  • End Mills for Jewelery, End Mills for Signmakers & Steel Rule Die-makers
Tools For Metals
End Mills & Drill Bits for metals:
  • Standard End Mills, Roughing End Mills, Finishing End Mills
  • Ball Nose End Mills, Chamfering End Mills, Corner Rounding End Mills
  • Straight Flutes Drill Bits for Hard Metals, Spiral Drill Bits
Full line tools for metals as below:
  • End Mills for Carbon, Stainless & Hardened Steel, End Mills for Aluminium
CNC Accessories
Clamping Collets / Spring Collets for CNC:
  • CNC Router ER Collets for Toolhoders, Metric & Inch Size ER Precision Collets
Nuts & miniNuts for CNC Colletholders:
  • ER Nuts TechniksUSA, ER miniNuts RegoFix, Porter-Cable, Bosch 1618
Toolholders / Collerholders for CNC routers & ploters:
  • ISO ER Collet Chucks, HSK-E Holders, HSK-F Collet holders, ER16 Collet Adapters
PCB Catalog
Laminating machines for Printed Circuit Boards:
  • Roll laminators for PCB Dry-films, Sheet Laminators for PCB
Photosensitive Dry-films for PCB production & prototyping:
  • Dry-film Photoresist & Dry-film Soldermask
End Mills & Drill Bits for PCB production:
  • Mechanical Etching Bits, Contour Router Bits, Drill Bits, Countersink Bits
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Welcome to InGraph /!
With great success, since many years we have been providing our Customers from all over the word with:
  • precision micro cutting tools: End Mills, Drill Bits, Engrving Bits, Router Bits
  • full line of cutting tools used in many industry and production branches
  • the highest quality cutting tools to metal treatment: End Mills, Centre Drills, Countersinks, Spiral Drill Bits and Straight Flutes Drill Bits
  • machines, equipment and accessories to production and prototyping of printed circuit board
You are welcome to introduce yourself with our offer:

End Mills / Drill Bits Micro - Precision Solid Carbide Cutters

End Mills, Drill Bits, Router Bits - Carbide Micro Tools

End Mills / Drill Bits Micro
We offer precision CNC tools:
  • Spiral End Mills
  • Tapered Tools
  • Drill Bits
  • Diamond Router Bits
  • Engraving Tools

Micro End Mills Applications

Micro End Mills Applications
Division to industrial branches:
  • End Mills for Jewelry
  • End Mills for PCB
  • End Mills for Advertisement
  • End Mills for Steel Rule Dies

End Mills / Drill Bits for Metals - Carbide Cutting Tools

Metal Machining End Mills

End Mills for Metal
End Mills for metal machining:
  • Finishing / Roughing End Mills
  • Ball Nose End Mills
  • Radius on a Corner End Mills
  • Chamfering and Torus End Mills
  • Spiral and Straight Drill Bits

End Mills Application

End Mills Application
End Mills division depends on machining material:
  • Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Non-ferrous Metals and Plastics
  • Copper and Aluminium Alloy
  • Graphite

Equipment for CNC Ploters - ER Collets / ER Nuts / Toolholders

Accessories for CNC Ploters

CNC Accessories
Precision clamping collets and nuts:
  • Precision low-TIR ER Collets
  • Precision low-TIR ER Nuts
  • Collets and Nuts for Porter-Cable
  • Collets and Nuts for Bosch

Toolholders for ploters and CNC machines

CNC Toolholders
Toolholders for CNC:
  • SK / ISO ER Toolholders
  • HSK-E / HSK-F Toolholders
  • ER16 Collet Adapter
  • CNC BT30 / BT35 Toolholders

PCB Online Catalog - Dry-Film Lamination

Hot-roll Dry Film Laminators - DFL Series

Hot-roll Dry Film Laminators - DFL Series
Dry-Film Hot Roll Laminators:

DFL 4200 and DFL 5200
  • top and bottom frame extenders
  • automatic release liner removal
  • universal core adapters

PCB Dry-Films - Photoresist and Soldermask

PCB Dry-Films - Photoresist and Soldermask
Dry Films for PCB:

Dry Film Photoresist
Negative, 40 micron thick (1.5mils)

Dry Film Soldermask
Negative, 75 micron thick (3.0mils)